The Shoe Killer

If you have more than one kid, you know that each kid is unique. They all have their special characteristics. One of Jasper’s characteristics is that he is a shoe killer. He can kill a pair of shoes faster than any of his six older siblings.

A month or so ago, he needed new sandals after breaking the pair he had been wearing, and which lasted longer than normal for his footwear. There is no point in getting him “good” footwear because he breaks it just as quickly as he does the cheaper brands. So I got him a pair of sandals and this is what they looked like after one week:

4-4-16 Jasper's sandals

I don’t know if you can tell, but most of the straps on the sandal on the left are no longer attached to the sandal! And yes–those are size 13 feet!

Because his sandals were broken, and I hadn’t had a chance to replace them, I told him to wear sneakers to church yesterday. His sneakers were so broken I was kind of amazed he managed to keep them on his feet!

So today when I had to go to Walmart anyway, I made him come with me. We got sneakers, sandals, and flipflops. I’m taking bets on how long until he breaks at least one pair of his new footwear!


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