Bee News & Old Friends

Several weeks ago, Spencer’s friend Britton surprised Jasper by giving him some money for his beekeeping endeavors. That was such an encouragement to us today, when we went to get the rest of the stuff Jasper will need for his new hive of bees, which he hopes to get within the next couple of weeks. He was able to replace the frames that had molded, and get a new “deep” box with frames and a queen excluder. I hope he learned enough from last year’s experience to keep this year’s bees alive!

After Walter got off work this evening, he and I headed to the north side of town to meet our friends Tom and Donna for dinner. We had not seen them for several years, and I was so glad it worked out for us to get together while they were in town. Tom is yet another friend I have known since third grade at Sakeji. He and I used to compete in class to see who could read out loud the fastest. We ended up at the same university, which is where Walter got to know him, and later after we were married, we were all in Africa for a while–Tom and his family in Congo and us in Zambia.

Do you understand how incredibly fortunate and blessed I am? To still have multiple friends from grade school days, not to mention high school and college! It was so much fun to get caught up with Tom and Donna tonight. I wish their time here could have overlapped with Don & Gwen’s next visit–that would have qualified as a class reunion!

3-30-16 Tom & Donna Wolford

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