Easter Weekend

Our Easter traditions were all messed up this year. Normally we dye eggs on Good Friday, but that didn’t happen because of all the other stuff that went on. I thought maybe the egg dyeing would happen on Saturday while I was in Dallas, but it turned out that most of the family were not around then either. So, it finally took place on Easter Sunday afternoon!

We did manage to have our traditional Easter breakfast, though Spencer had to go to church for worship practice and then come back! Mercy missed her sunrise service due to an alarm malfunction, so she went to church with Spencer and Lucy.

Our church broke with tradition by actually mentioning the fact that it was Easter and having an Easter sermon. Normally Christian holidays are not observed in any way, so that was a nice surprise. Despite plenty of practice, I flubbed up playing “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.” It’s actually pretty challenging, and I wished Lina was there to play it on the piano!

Two of our three “adopted” college students made it over for our ham dinner and pavlova dessert. The college students are feeling the pressure as there are only five weeks left of the semester.

Today was a more or less normal school day. Walter texted me this morning letting me know that the accountant had figured our taxes, and they were somewhat higher than anticipated. We still have a couple of weeks to scrape it all together, but it’s disappointing after saving all year to pay taxes and thinking we had saved enough!

I finally got around to making Lucy’s birthday breakfast this morning. I should say it is more of a breakFEAST in bed! This year’s menu:

3-28-16 Lucy's Breakfast in bed

Sausage/cheese omelet

Hash browns

Cottage cheese with mandarin oranges (Lucy’s request)

Cinnamon roll

Orange juice



In just a few more years my breakfast-in-bed-making days will be over. I wonder if I will be sorry?


This afternoon I took Lucy out driving and she drove way out into the country and then back again. She is progressing nicely!

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