Hot Cross Buns and An Outing

Today I got up at 6:00 a.m. to make the hot cross bun dough. I didn’t want to. I really, really didn’t want to, but I didn’t see any other way to get the buns made so we could have them later in the day, and I had more or less been told that I’d be a total failure as a mother if I failed to carry on this longstanding tradition.

So, I got up and made the dough. While it rose, I did other things and had breakfast with my husband when he got up. He did not have to go to his main job today, but he and Spencer and Jasper had plenty of extra work to do at the two properties they maintain out by a nearby lake.

Mercy had spent the night here, and shortly after she emerged the men left for their day of work. I had to do a Walmart run to get medicine and a few other necessities, and then stop to fill the car with gas. Then I came home and picked Lucy up and we headed up to get her friend Martha.

Lucy had her birthday on the 13th, and Martha a few days later, so this was a birthday outing for the two of them. We drove to the town of Shreveport in Louisiana and had lunch at a restaurant of Lucy’s choosing. Then we continued on to the riverfront “boardwalk” area.

I parked in a parking garage and the girls went off on their adventure. I have never actually explored the boardwalk, but it sounds to me like a place completely devoted to parting people from their money, and I did not want to be tempted, so I stayed in the car. I took a nice long nap and called my parents on the phone. I had plenty of knitting and reading to do too, but I didn’t get to it before the girls came back!

They had a good time and Lucy spent some birthday money on a necklace she really liked.

We drove home through the brilliant spring sunshine, dropped Martha off, and then hurried to our own house to heat up our hot cross buns and make tea! The guys were already home, and soon Mercy joined us so we could sit down to our traditional Good Friday teatime. Because of today’s schedules, it ended up doubling as supper. Also because of everything else that went on today, we will be doing our egg dyeing tomorrow. Well, someone will be, I hope. I have a busy agenda tomorrow also.

I forgot to mention the other day that Jasper had a fall on his bike and had a HUGE scrape on his leg. It didn’t occur to him to mention it to me at first. When he did mention it, it was because he was concerned about the swelling and pain in his leg that apparently came about as a result of the fall also. I was rather aghast when I saw the injury, but wrongly assumed that it was not a very deep scrape.

Well, he has been having trouble sleeping the last couple of nights because of the pain. Today I made him wear long pants to work to protect his wound, and Lucy put a dressing on it when we got home from our outing. After his shower I dressed it again and we will make sure it is well protected when he goes to work tomorrow. It looks pretty bad but it does not appear to be infected and we hope to keep it that way!

Even though I was busy today, I did take time to ponder the amazing sacrifice that God made for us and to thank Him for it. I hope your Good Friday was “good” in the sense that you felt grateful and blessed as I did.


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