That Moment When . . .

Well, yesterday was so long that I never got around to blogging! I taught class all afternoon (we wrote a pretty good vocabulary story!) and then I rushed off to my critique group and writers meeting. Then, the minute I got home I took Lucy out to practice driving. I was very tired after that.

And now it’s time for Aldi stories with Linda, the part of the blog where Linda sits down and tells you an Aldi story. It seems like so many of my interesting encounters happen at Aldi these days.

So this morning I was pushing my cart through Aldi, and I saw there was a couple headed toward me. I smiled at them. They smiled at me. The more I thought about it, the more the wife seemed a little familiar to me. I looked at the still-smiling husband, and he kind of looked familiar too. I didn’t think that much about it, because at my age pretty much everyone on earth looks like someone I know. This is why when I’m out in public and I see someone that I think I know, I virtually never go up and speak to them, because there’s a very high probability that they are total strangers.

So anyway, while my brain was still trying to figure out if I actually did know these people, the wife spoke up. “Are you Linda B.?” The fact that she knew who I was didn’t help at all!  Once I admitted that I was indeed the person she thought I was, they put me out of my misery by explaining who they were. I felt a little better for not recognizing them, because I haven’t seen them in 18 years! They used to work at the university where my husband works, so he and Walter were co-workers. We also went to church with them so we actually knew them quite well. However, people do change over 18 years and I had no reason to suspect that they had moved back to Texas! In fact, they actually bought their old house back from the lady they sold it to!

After Aldi I picked up Lucy and we brought the groceries home and had lunch before heading out for another practice drive. This time we went a lot farther afield and I let her drive several miles on country roads before heading home. She drove all the way home and did a great job!


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