A Musical Monday

Mondays are not my favorite. I never feel like jumping into the day on Monday. Today we did manage to get going in spite of universal lethargy, however.

I had to leave at lunchtime to drive the one and a half hours to my autoharp lesson. This time I was sure to down an energy drink before leaving the house! At this time of year, it is a very beautiful drive. There were bluebonnets lining the road in many places. How I love our state flower!

My lesson went well. I have plenty of new songs to work on, plus some old ones to continue polishing. I keep waiting for the day to come when I don’t really feel like playing the autoharp, but it hasn’t happened yet!

My teacher and I also like to spend time talking, so it was late when I got home and I was overcome with weariness. I wonder if maybe these spells of exhaustion are related to the medication I’m taking. Regardless, they are inconvenient.

Tomorrow’s one of my “long” Tuesdays, so I have lots of preparation to do . . . .

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