A West African St. Patrick’s Day

Today was Geography Day, which meant extra preparation. Lucy had spent the night at her friend Martha’s house, so before going to get her I had a cake to make (West African Lime Cake). Then after I returned with Lucy, we made the rice and got ready for class.

Meanwhile my poor husband was lying motionless in bed. He had been getting progressively sicker over the last few days, and by this morning it had reached the point where he was physically unable to go to work.

We were in West Africa today, so we had ground nut stew (alas, a vegetarian version). I think the food was at least somewhat successful. A huge thunderstorm came through during class, with lots of rain and lightning, but it ended very suddenly and the sun came out. Walter slept through the whole thing!

After class, as I was working on our traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner of corned beef, carrots, and cabbage, I began to wonder if I’d be eating it by myself. Lucy had gone to bed after class, exhausted from her late night. Walter had hauled himself from his sickbed in order to go to work with Spencer (being self-employed is a real bummer when you’re sick). Mercy rarely comes over anymore, and Jasper had gallivanted off with some neighbors to go swimming.

Fortunately for me, Lucy did get up for supper, and Walter felt up to eating when he and Spencer got back from work, so there were at least the four of us. Jasper came later, and he was the one who watched Riverdance with me, after Walter went back to bed. I miss the days when the whole family would gather to watch, and the kids would all get up and try some Irish step dancing!


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