Home Again

Sorry I could not post this last night–we were having internet problems.

Well, once again I seem to have some catching-up to do. We left The Master’s Mission at 8:00 on Saturday morning, with every joint in my body screaming in protest as I folded myself into the Camry. It was a long, cramped day.

When we got to Mississippi, our fifth state of the day, we found ourselves driving through a deluge of epic proportions. Visibility was almost nonexistent. It was very stressful driving. We were all relieved to stop in Vicksburg for supper. By the time we left and drove across the Mississippi River into Louisiana, the rain had slowed down considerably.

It was good to finally be home in Texas and out of that little car! We are very thankful for it but it is a tight fight for a tall family.

We kept our watches on North Carolina time since it was the night to “spring forward” anyway. Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny, and since it was Lucy’s birthday, I got up first and went to the grocery store to get food for a hearty breakfast. We didn’t make it to church since I had to go out again after breakfast and buy more food for the next couple of days.

We just had a couple of college students over for supper, as the rest hadn’t arrived home from their spring break trips yet. That included Spencer and Mercy! They missed out on some fabulous curry. It was Lucy’s 18th birthday, but we will be celebrating it properly when the rest of the local family members can be here.

Spencer did return later in the evening, ten pounds lighter despite “eating like a pig” in Guatemala. He is already talking about going back.

Today we tried to ease back into real life. Jasper and I had a 4-H meeting, for which Lucy made cookies since the person who was supposed to bring the snack hasn’t been coming to meetings lately.

Then we went to Walmart to buy ingredients so Lucy could make two pies for Pi Day. When the pies were done, I took Lucy out for her first driving lesson. We have a family policy that our kids don’t start learning to drive or get their license until they are 18. I know. It’s un-American. But most of the rest of the world sticks with the higher driving age because of the number of lives it saves, and we would rather have our kids wait until they are legal adults to drive. For one thing, it makes the process much easier!

So anyway, we went to a parking lot and she practiced all the basic stuff. We’ll go out regularly and I’m sure she will soon be a competent driver like all her older siblings. Then, only one left to go!



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