March 11 Entry: Last Day on the Mountain

We had just enough rain in the night to settle the dust but not to make it too muddy. This morning we all drove to breakfast in style! There was actually food I could eat, which was big relief for me. We had our final devotions of the week, given by Jim Teasdale, encouraging everyone to reach their full potential in service to God.

Walter stayed at the shop to help with a mechanic job that didn’t get finished, and the kids and I came back to the cabin. For some reason we were all quite tired, but I still managed to do my usual load of laundry.

On our way to lunch we stopped off at the office and I checked out the merchandise they had for sale. They even had some shirts for free! So I think everyone in the family except me ended up getting something.

Lunch was a noisy meal as the college students prepared to leave. They are doing the trip in two stages again, whereas Walter prefers to stay till tomorrow morning and then do the trip all in one day (saves on hotel room cost).

We came back to the cabin so that Walter could try to fix some issues we’d encountered, such as the dripping kitchen sink and the partially-blockaded bathroom sink. I took a nap.

I am a little perplexed by the amount of sleep I have apparently needed this week. I have been going to bed on average two hours earlier than I do at home, and getting up at the same time. So I should be brimming with boundless energy, right? Instead I find myself dozing off frequently, and have needed at least two short naps a day just to make it through. This afternoon I dozed off while knitting and listening to an audiobook–narrated by Stephen Fry, no less! I’m beginning to wonder if my sleep deficit wasn’t more severe than I thought. Or maybe it’s just that my screaming joints have been sending frantic messages to my brain begging for a rest. I don’t know.

In the middle of the afternoon, Walter and Lucy drove over to the shop. I thought they were just going to fetch Walter’s things and bring them back so he could pack. However, they did not return. I did some reading and some knitting. Jasper came back briefly and had tea while I practiced my autoharp, but then he took off again.

It wasn’t till after 6:30 that the others came back to get me for supper. The staff of the mission had kindly left leftovers in the shop kitchen for us to have for supper. Afterwards, we went over to the lakeside fire pit where many of the mission’s young people had gathered, and hung out with them before returning to the cabin for our final night on the mountain.


One thought on “March 11 Entry: Last Day on the Mountain

  1. Linda, Thank you for keeping your records of the time on the Mountain! I worried about your physical condition with all that rugged walking and place. At least you had a nice duplex to live in with washer and dryer. There are hydralin (Sp) shots made from rooster comb that you can get for your knees. They last half a year at first and you need an orthopedic doctor to give those shots. Also keep walking in Longview on the flat. Your best bet is to get over to the pool at the college and work out. Water therapy always helps my knees. An hour in the water is just enough, no more. Walking, marching. and bicycling on a water noodle in deeper water helps me. Love, Mom


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