Geography & Preparations

Today was our last full day at home. There was so much to do, and I tried hard to do it all. I had a class to prepare and cook for too, however!

We were studying North Africa today, so we had a menu from various countries. The appetizer was an orange and radish salad from Morocco:

Geography North Africa 1 Tunisian salad

The main course consisted of couscous (duh!):

Geography North Africa 2 Couscous

And a vegetarian stew from Algeria:

Geography North Africa 3 Algerian stew

We finished with a rich nutty cake from Egypt:

Geography North Africa 4 Egyptian semolina cake

We were supposed to go to the bee meeting tonight, the one that is an hour’s drive away, but the main reason I had hoped to go was to pick up some new beekeeping supplies for Jasper, and the man who sells them didn’t respond to my email, so we stayed home and worked on various trip-related tasks. We did laundry, washed dishes, packed and sorted belongings, etc.

I also had bills to pay and paperwork to do. Believe it or not, Walter and Jasper will be going to their yard job in the morning and plan to work all morning and then leave after lunch. I’ll pack while they’re gone tomorrow. I’m going to be very strict with myself!

Parting shot:

3-2-16 Lucy's dragon

This is an adorable dragon that Lucy drew for her art class this week.


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