Leap Day

I can’t believe how sporadic my blogging has been lately. I’m sorry. Friday I didn’t blog because in the evening I took my husband out for his birthday date. After he got off work (his second job), we went out to eat supper. We didn’t get to go to our #1 choice or even our #2 choice, because it was Friday night and both restaurants were so full it didn’t seem likely we’d be able to get a table even if we were willing to wait an hour. So instead we went to a place that caters more to breakfast and lunch and were seated and served right away!

Later that evening we went to the theater where I had tickets for us to watch “Eddie the Eagle.” We both have such fond memories of Eddie at the Calgary Olympics, and the movie did a good job of bringing those memories back. It was a fun and enjoyable date but a very late night for us.

Saturday I was up early shopping for the chai party and then picking Lucy and her friend Martha up at Martha’s house. I brought them home and they sprang into action, doing all the cooking for the chai party. They did a great job!

I was able to make at least some headway on my to-do list before Don and Gwen returned in time for the chai party. It was a warm evening and we had a great turnout. Don and Gwen really enjoyed visiting with the international students and getting to know some of them a little bit. I got to hold another 7-week-old baby!

Yesterday Don and Gwen spoke in church about their ministry and plans for the future. Then in the afternoon I had a nice phone conversation with Lina before getting busy making Walter’s “official” birthday dinner. He had requested my late Aunt Marcia’s layered Mexican dip casserole, and it is a good thing to make for a crowd. I also made carrot cake as that is his favorite.

We had a great dinner with everyone at the table except for Janet, who wasn’t able to make it. The birthday boy picked something for us to watch afterwards–Master and Commander, which is one of his favorite movies. I was trying to work on a knitting project. I knit several rows before realizing that the pattern didn’t look as it should. I ripped it out and restarted. Then I had the same problem this morning so I ripped it out and restarted again. The fourth time I remembered a helpful sign I once saw in Africa: “When all else fails, lower your standards.” I gave up and picked a different pattern that uses the same number of stitches but is only 16 rows long instead of 38. It’s just as pretty as the other one!

Don and Gwen left this morning. They have three days of driving before they will see their kids again. It wasn’t a difficult goodbye because we know they are coming back in less than a month.  Being around them makes me feel kind of sorry for people who don’t have lifelong friends like I do. My long-term friendships bring me so much joy.



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