A Happy Curry Birthday

I had a good reason for not blogging last night. I was helping someone else set up a blog! I finally convinced Don and Gwen that the time had come for them to join the cyber world so that all their friends can keep up to date on their ministry. It got late and we didn’t finish, so we will have to do that when they get back from Dallas this weekend. They took off this afternoon to visit friends in Dallas for a couple of days.

Yesterday was also my husband’s birthday. We are not celebrating it till the weekend, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t have a nice dinner and a cake. He had requested beef curry. I have a great recipe from my dear Sri Lankan friend, Anita (Janet’s mother), but some of the amounts and instructions were a little vague, so I have been tweaking it a little every time I make it. Last night I hit the jackpot. It was to die for. So, so good.

Today we had a review day for Geography, which meant a little less preparation for me. I made crepes for lunch, and I am embarrassed to tell you that I was stupid enough to eat a couple. (They were not gluten free.) I felt very, very sick for the rest of the day. Not doing that again any time soon . . .

In fact, I felt so poorly that as soon as my class was over I lay down for 20 minutes before taking Lucy to her friend’s house. Then I came home and lay down for another 20 minutes before taking Jasper to his bee meeting. (I just did not feel well enough to sit through the whole meeting.) Then I came home and lay down for half an hour before leaving to get Jasper! I am doing a little better now.

Parting Shot:

Sleepover at Gwen's

Since Don and Gwen have been visiting, I dug out some old photo albums to look through. Here is a photo of Gwen and me at one of our early sleepovers. When I spent the night at her house, we got to sleep in the “patient’s room” off the kitchen (her dad was a doctor). I’m not sure if this was the time we scared ourselves spitless by telling each other that the local crazy man was lurking outside trying to look in the window at us. Or the time we scared ourselves spitless by convincing each other that the noises coming from the kitchen were made by a burglar who might burst in at any moment to murder us, and not by their two innocuous little dachshunds, Susie and Pudgy. We were experts at scaring ourselves. We don’t do that anymore, but she still comes to visit!


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