President’s Day

Yesterday was the first full day of Don & Gwen’s visit. We went to church together and then came home to eat lunch and take naps. What an exciting life we lead!

At suppertime Johnnie and Janet came as usual, which was a lot of fun because their parents are also good friends of Don & Gwen’s. Spencer’s friend Britton also showed up to join the fun. We had eleven people around the table and it was a loud meal. The power went out multiple times, including during dinner, but I had cleverly had our two candelabras lit and set on the table so it was no problem.

Today started off with a great big bang. In fact there were lots of bangs in the form of thunder and lightning. We had a huge thunderstorm! I had to run to Walmart to get a few things. Jasper made breakfast for Don & Gwen. Then Don went over to the campus and actually got our van to start! So at least he was able to move it to the auto shop, where he has already started taking it apart.

I spent most of the day on class preparations, but I did sneak in some practice on my autoharp.


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