A Much-Needed Respite

Today, the forecast was for fine, warm weather, and I decided that we needed a little break, despite all we still have left to do before both Walter and our guests arrive on Saturday. It has been a rough week in a lot of little ways.

So, I let the kids sleep in a little and then I got them up and we got ready to have a picnic lunch at the lake. We picked up some simple picnic food on the way and drove on out there. It was very warm and sunny and we had the windows wide open. Jasper was sure he would want to go swimming.

We got there to find that the lake is still very high–just about five or six feet from the picnic tables.

2-11-16 lake

In fact there were multiple lines of debris even farther up, showing where the water line had been in the past. The highest line was within ten feet of the parking lot! The tables would have been completely underwater, which explains why the benches no longer have any paint on them.

So anyway, we had a nice picnic and then just sort of loafed around enjoying the solitude and the water lapping right at our feet and the blue sky and the occasional sailboat passing. Jasper changed his mind about swimming. As always, I took plenty of reading and knitting, but mostly I just sat in my chair and soaked up the fresh air.

We weren’t able to stay long because we had to get the car back for Mercy and Spencer to use, and we had a stop to make on the way. Lucy is feeling a powerful urge to experiment with pottery again, and to show Jasper what she’s learned, so we stopped at the hobby store and got a box of clay and some shaping tools. Should be interesting to see what they come up with.

This evening I worked some more on the schoolroom. I am trying to get ready to sell and give away all the school stuff I don’t need anymore. I also moved my desk 18 inches (well, it was Spencer and Jasper who actually moved it). This has made a huge difference in the functionality of my office nook.

I finished a quick knitting project this morning and started a new one this afternoon. This little projects are to bolster my morale before I tackle a reknit project. I have been dismayed to discover evidence of moth damage. Two balls of yarn that I had lost track of have turned up this week, both with many strands eaten through by moths. And a capelet I made last year has two holes. I am hoping I can rip it back below the holes and then knit it back up, piecing the yarn together as needed. And maybe I need to get some mothballs!


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