Zambian Food & Meetings

Today was one of those days when I felt a little cowardly from the moment I got out of bed. I knew it was going to be a challenge. I had a lot to do to get ready for my class, and health-wise, I was having a “down” day, so everything was harder that it should have been.

The good thing was that all of my students were able to be here today for the first time this semester. We were going through the note taking seminar DVD, and I was very grateful as I’m not sure I would have been up to teaching all afternoon.

Meanwhile, I was trying to keep track of the food preparations. Mercy volunteered to provide food for a Zambian table at an event on campus, but then realized (just like every year) that she couldn’t actually do any of the cooking. So that left Lucy and I to do it. This meant making several gallons of stew. Lucy did most of the work under my direction and I kept checking on it to make sure everything was as it should be.

Just a few minutes after class ended, I had to leave for my critique group and Lucy was in charge of making the cornmeal mush. I hear she did a great job and the Zambian food was a hit!

It took considerable force of will to make it through my critique group and writers’ meeting, but it sure was good to see my writer friends and get some feedback on my writing. Here’s hoping tomorrow is an “up” day.

My husband, by the way, had a much worse day than me. He worked a full day at his day job, then left to fill in for an employee for several hours, then still had a couple hours left to work his normal night job.




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