Winter Weekend

Today started very cold and dark. It took considerable fortitude and willpower for me to bundle up and go out into the cold dark morning. The warmth of WalMart felt positively welcoming. Then, after I got home, I had to go right back out and buy some insulin so that Mercy could use the car to do her shopping.

I had a long list of projects for today and I didn’t get very far on it, but I did get some stuff done. I tried to practice my autoharp quite a bit too. Obviously, I’m playing in church tomorrow, but I also have a lesson coming up and after being sick all month I am definitely not where I wanted to be at this point!

My heroic husband also assembled my new desk chair, which I hope will make working at my desk more pleasant so I will be willing to do it more often!

I also had to “tink” some knitting. “Tinking” is when you carefully take back one stitch at a time. I was knitting while watching a video last night, and I was at a tricky part, and I had a suspicion I had started it one row too early, but I kept convincing myself it was going to be okay. It wasn’t okay. I had to tink it all back and then knit another row. All better now.


One thought on “Winter Weekend

  1. Wow–sounds kind of fun! We’ve had overcast skies for the last week, and it’s been raining for a day and a half now. Nowhere near as cold as for you, but it does make knitting a tea a very attractive option for spending your time!


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