Shopping and Shipping

Today involved yet another trip to Aldi, this time to buy supplies for tomorrow’s chai party. I realized again that it is possible to hate something and yet be grateful for it at the same time. I really, really don’t enjoy going to Aldi–not for the reasons that I’ve heard others express, but simply because I can’t go during my preferred shopping time slot and because I must now shop in at least two different places every week instead of one. At the same time, I am so thankful to be able to save so much money on groceries!

My other primary task of the day was to get a couple of packages mailed. I actually had an order for stitch markers this week, from a writer friend who is also a knitter. I have sold her several sets of markers in the past, and she requested some more in her signature color of pink. I bet most of you don’t even remember my stitch marker business. I still think my stitch markers are the best I’ve ever used, but I gave up on trying to convince others to buy them. It was a creative outlet and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it profitable. So it was fun to make three new sets this week and then get them sent off.

I had some writing-related chores to do, which I hope to write about on my writing blog sometime this weekend.

Still struggling with coughing and puking, but I do see some improvement and have great hopes for next week!


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