Lots of Wasted Driving Time . . .

Yesterday, in addition to school and Jasper’s piano lesson, I needed to prepare for today’s geography class. I went to Aldi and got most of the food I’d need but they didn’t have rhubarb and I didn’t expect them to. I was planning to make a Scandinavian rhubarb pudding for our dessert.

On the way home, I stopped at Kroger, where I have bought rhubarb in the past. They did not have it fresh, frozen, or canned. After Jasper’s piano lesson I drove to three other grocery stores, one of which has also carried rhubarb in the past, but all my driving was in vain. I had to change the menu. Grrr. I love rhubarb.

During the evening I made the Norwegian coleslaw and some Swedish butter cookies for our Scandinavian meal.

This morning, I had volunteered to go pick up my student Haley, as her family has transportation issues at the moment. I had been to Haley’s house once before, with Haley in the car to guide me, and I knew it was hard to find, so I asked her mom Amy to be sure to give me detailed instructions.

After dealing with a plumbing emergency (flooded bathroom), I set off with my directions. Part of the directions mentioned a distance of 12 miles which I was to drive before reaching the correct driveway. The only problem was that I misunderstood at which point I was to begin counting miles. Therefore I was way past the right driveway before I even started looking for the right landmarks!

After backtracking twice, without success, I called Amy and she came and stood out on the road while I continued on merrily in the wrong direction. Well, actually I wasn’t very merry by then. When I reached the city limits of a nearby town, we both knew I had gone much too far and I was able to turn around and backtrack a third time until I saw Amy waiting for me.

Because of all the pointless extra driving, by the time Haley and I got back to the house it was time to work on lunch and my extra preparation time had evaporated. I gave the girls the recipe and let them have at it while I frantically tried to finish getting my materials together.

I didn’t take any photos of the food, I’m afraid. The main course was a Danish recipe for creamed mushrooms on toast, served on a bed of lettuce. We had the coleslaw to go with it and the cookies for dessert. The creamed mushrooms were delicious and even mushroom-hater Lucy had to admit they were good. I was glad we were able to find a good vegetarian main course.

We greatly enjoyed our foray to Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. My lifelong desire to travel to those places has intensified! (I have been to Denmark but not the other countries.)

Now to work on some writing obligations . . .



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