Visitors & a Return to Teaching

Yesterday I had three priorities. One was getting started on school again, and preparing for today’s class, one was making it to the 4-H meeting, and the other was to get ready for company in the evening. Having not been able to go to Germany for a mission trip last summer, Lucy is now looking into options for this summer, and one option she is considering is to go to Ireland and help with a mission there.

We did get at least a start on school. We did make it to the 4-H meeting and Jasper was very happy to see his 4-H friends again.

As it happens, the leader of the Ireland mission has family in our town, and he and his wife happened to be here visiting them yesterday, so he suggested that they could come over in the evening to talk. We were delighted to see them again, as it had been a few years. We learned a lot about the current situation in Ireland, and about the difficulties of serving there due to government regulations. I think it gave Lucy a lot to think about. They also minister in West Africa, so we got an update on that too, which was very interesting.

By the time they left, however, I was too tired to post. I am still really struggling with trying to recover from my sinus infection and am in a lot of pain with sore ribs from all the coughing, which is still ongoing.

This morning I was up early and getting ready for today’s English class. Two of my students were unable to come in person, but we tried including them via a video call on my laptop. We had some volume issues, but it more or less worked!

Now to get ready for Geography on Thursday . . .


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