Overly Ambitious

Sometimes I crack myself up. Like when I’ve been sick and exhausted for over a week, but I don’t even take that into account when planning a day’s activities.  I feel bad that I haven’t been up to taking Janet on outings during her vacation. So I had this bright idea that today we would have an outing. An outing that would be a little taxing for me even under the best of circumstances.

It wasn’t until after lunch, when I was driving Lucy and Janet and Jasper to the zoo (an hour’s drive away) and feeling like death, that I considered I might be even stupider than I thought to plan multiple activities in one day. It had rained last night, and the sky was very cloudy, but it was actually quite warm today, so I was surprised when we arrived at the zoo to see only three other cars there!

When we went to buy our tickets, the guy gave me a senior discount, which I suppose was nice, but not much consolation to someone who can still remember the glorious days of yore when the zoo was free to everyone, all the time.

It was a little weird walking through the deserted zoo. Ninety percent of the people we saw were zoo employees going about their business and getting stuff done. Lots of the animals were asleep, including the bears, who didn’t seem all that thrilled about having visitors.

We got all the way past the lions and to the meerkat enclosure before finding that the path was blocked by construction, which meant than instead of walking in a big loop, we walked three-quarters of the loop and then had to retrace our steps all the way back to the entrance, and then go up the other side of the loop.

I sent the kids on ahead as I was really struggling to keep going. You’ve heard of molasses in January? Well, I was slower than that. And every time I found something dry to sit on, I sat and rested a while.

I sat in the sun and rested by the gift shop while the kids went up to see the rest of the animals. After browsing through the gift shop, we went back to the car and on to the second stop on my agenda–World Market, which is clear on the other side of town from the zoo. I picked up a couple little items, including a candle snuffer, which I have a sudden need for, because I have a couple of candles I can get close enough to light, but not to blow out!

Then it was time to stop for an early supper, and Lucy talked me into getting Chinese food. This is not happy food for my blood sugar normally, but they let me substitute vegetables for rice, which minimized the damage.

Then I dropped Janet and Lucy off at the mall, and Jasper and I drove on to a nearby town for his beekeeping meeting. We got there half an hour early, and decided this was clear proof that we both should take a nap in the car. I was feeling very poorly by then, but that half hour of repose gave me a second wind that got me through the rest of the evening.

As soon as the meeting was over, we had to hightail it out of there to get to the mall and pick Lucy and Janet up before the mall closed at 9:00. I’m afraid they were rather bored after they had explored all the stores in the mall, but not as bored as they would have been at the bee meeting!

I was glad to finally be driving home, even though there was quite a bit of fog along the way. Despite my over-ambitious plans for the day, I do feel I am beginning to improve. I only had two really bad coughing fits today, one of which was during the bee meeting, naturally. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better . . .



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