Still Sick

What a slow start I’m getting off to this year! I am still very sick and finding it hard to accomplish much of anything. My big accomplishments yesterday were to go grocery shopping and to take Lucy and Janet on a brief shopping excursion in the afternoon. I also finished a knitting project–my first finished project of the new year!

I also tried to get a doctor’s appointment and I succeeded–but my appointment is on the 29th and my prescriptions all run out this week. Hmmm . . .

Today I had arranged for Mercy to take Janet, Lucy and Jasper to the nearby oil museum. My original idea was that I would get a bunch of stuff done while they were gone. Instead, I felt so poorly that I mostly sat in my chair and tried not to cough. Coughing has become extremely painful for me because my abdominal muscles are so sore from all the coughing!

This is my last week of “freedom” before I start teaching again, and I hate to be spending it sick!


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