Step by Step

Let’s face it. New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail, because a resolution is basically just a wish. Instead of saying, “I resolve to lose weight this year,” you might as well say, “I wish I could lose weight this year.” Unless you’ve got a fairy godmother, wishing is unlikely to yield results.

So, the last couple of years, I have focused on setting achievable goals and then taking the next step to decide on what actions I need to take to achieve my goals. I am still learning, but I’m getting better. Today was my big goal-setting day. I have come up with a new unified system for managing my life (I hope) and I spent many hours working on it–writing down the goals, steps for reaching them, filling out next year’s calendar and many other subsidiary tasks. I still have several hours’ more work to do, but I made a really good start today.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing something completely different.


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