Literature and Music

Well, I seem to have become a rather lackadaisical blogger! My excuse is that I am fighting a cold (with lots and lots of zinc), and last night my energy ran out before I got around to blogging. We even skipped church on Sunday, as Walter and I were both sick.

The best thing about yesterday (Monday) was that I got to have lunch with a former student of mine. At Thanksgiving we had agreed to read a book together, just like the old Literary Society days, and then meet to discuss it over the Christmas break. The book we read was Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, which I read so long ago that I remembered almost nothing about it.

Yesterday, we met at a restaurant to talk about the book–and other things, of course! I think we both could see why it’s not one of Austen’s more popular books. The story really seems to lag at times. It was still an enjoyable read, of course.

I rushed home from lunch in order to enjoy the final episode of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell with Lina. I think this final installment diverged more from the book than the others, but it still ended up in basically the same place. I will miss getting to sit down and watch with Lina every day! This Christmas has been the Jonathan Strange Christmas for me!

After supper, Lucy and Janet and Jasper came with me to look at some Christmas lights. First we went to Marshall, where the courthouse square is always very nicely lit, only of course it turned out that all the attractions are closed on Monday, so we just drove around and then left. Next on the itinerary was a home north of our town that I’ve heard about for years but never found. The lady who owns it goes all out decorating every year and lets people drive around her circle drive for free.

As usual, Google directions failed to mention a crucial turn, but we did find the house in the end and it was kind of mind boggling.

12-28-15 Davis lights 2

12-28-15 Davis lights 1

I don’t think Janet had ever seen anything like that before. I’m glad we found it! (The photos don’t even come close to doing it justice. Most of the photos we took were very blurry.)

In the evening, Mercy got a call that her friend Summer was in labor. Mercy had agreed to take photos at the birth and was excited about getting to be there. Alas, the labor kind of fizzled out and Mercy was still there this morning and very tired. She eventually went to work with Walter. The baby has still not arrived!

Meanwhile, I had an autoharp lesson today. It was a lovely peaceful drive through very soggy countryside to Quitman, which is where my teacher lives. I hadn’t had much time to practice the specific assignments I’d been given, so we worked on picking some new things for me to work on. We also talked a lot. I love my teacher and am so glad to have her in my life. I got all choked up when I tried to tell her how much it means to me to be able to play the autoharp and make my own music.

By the time I got home, my cold was reasserting itself, and I was glad to get some rest. Plenty to do tomorrow!


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