Christmas Adam Eve

We have some friends who refer to December 23 as “Christmas Adam,” because it comes before Christmas Eve. That would make yesterday Christmas Adam Eve. We did our Christmas Eve activities on Christmas Adam Eve because Mary and Jordan have to leave today.

The day started with a shopping trip of epic proportions. Walter and Jordan and I went to Aldi. Walter had some gift money to spend on German Christmas goodies, and I had lots of groceries to buy. We got two carts and ended up filling them both. So. Much. Food. I was so glad Jordan and Walter were there to help me bag it all and get it out to the car.

There were a few things Aldi didn’t have, so we stopped at Kroger on the way home and I got those last few things. Then I did some sewing and some gift wrapping and then it was time to prepare for our traditional fondue dinner. I was so tickled I had been able to find some gluten-free rolls that Mary and I could use for our fondue.

Our Christmas Eve traditions are among our most cherished. I’m not sure what Janet thought of it all! We “popped” our crackers, put on the paper crowns, and read the silly jokes. We enjoyed our cheese fondue by candlelight (2 candelabras plus the advent wreath). Then we migrated to the living room to have our “Mary and Jordan” Christmas, since they are leaving today. They opened all our gifts to them and we opened all their gifts to us. There was much delight all round.

Then it was time for our traditional carol sing. In the past, Lina accompanied us on piano and then Mary or Jordan. Last night Spencer had three carols he had learned to play on his bass guitar, so of course we had to sing those three! Jordan played along on piano as well. The last two I accompanied on the autoharp. We have turned into quite a musical family!

The final traditional activity is returning to the table to enjoy eggnog and an array of Christmas goodies. Walter bought SO MUCH stuff at Aldi that I didn’t even feel bad about not getting much baking done. Mary and I had a few gluten-free treats that we could enjoy also.

We finished the evening with the traditional viewing of Muppet Christmas Carol, during which I fell asleep.

It was wonderful evening, and one of the best things about it was that I did not have to get up before dawn this morning to make hot cross buns!


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