I thought today’s entry would be mostly about me doing stuff I can’t talk about–knitting and cutting out stuff to sew. I went to the fabric store this morning to get a few items I’m going to need because yes, I am actually planning on making some Christmas gifts. Didn’t I tell you all to slap me if I showed signs of doing this again? Well, it’s too late now. I’m committed.

I’m glad I went to the fabric store in the morning, because it was all but deserted. They were expecting an invasion in the afternoon, though, because no doubt there are any number of people who are just as stupidly ambitious as I am.

My time at home alternated between washing, drying, and dyeing fabric, cutting stuff out, knitting, critiquing, and figuring out chords for two more Christmas carols to play in church tomorrow. Mary and Mercy cleaned the kitchen and then Mary made a batch of fudge and a batch of gluten-free cookies.

We splurged on supper–Bodacious barbeque to celebrate Mary and Jordan being back in Texas with us. My plan for the evening was to cut out one final (large) project.

I was in my sewing room collecting supplies, and Walter came in to tell me something. I’m a little unclear about what exactly happened next, even though I was right there to see it. Walter was exiting my sewing room, when he lost his balance and fell against the outward-facing bookcase which forms part of the “wall” of my office nook. The bookcase fell down across my armchair with a resounding crash. Then the other bookcase, the one facing “in” crashed down also. There was the sound of breaking glass. I had no idea if my computer had survived.

Walter struggled to get up, clearly in pain. He has been trying to recover from a knee injury for several weeks now. The kids rushed to see what was going on. My way out of the sewing room was blocked, and I could not see how bad the damage was. I burst into tears and sat down at my sewing machine and sobbed.

The kids rushed to help Walter get the bookcases upright and sweep up the broken pottery. Since one bookcase had fallen on its “back,” all the books were still in it. The inward-facing one, however, had disgorged its contents onto the floor and chair. The kids picked everything up and piled it on the dining room table so I could put it all back where I wanted it. Finally, the bookcases were pushed back into place and I was able to get out of the sewing room. My teapot clock had broken, as had a small and unimportant glass bowl. My computer appears to be fine.

I know everyone thought I over-reacted. I don’t think any of them have any idea what a huge deal my little office nook is to me. When those bookcases crashed down, it felt like my hopes and dreams crashed with them. It has meant so much to me to have that little space where I can write and work on my computer without having to be distracted by everything that goes on in the living room. When the bookcases fell, I feared that my computer had been destroyed, not to mention several other things I value. I thought the bookcases themselves might be irreparably damaged. In short, it looked like I might have lost literally thousands of hours of work and effort, not to mention the fact that my husband most likely re-injured his injured knee.

An hour later, I was still shaking as I sat and sorted through the debris. I have managed to restore most things to their rightful place, but I had to give up my plans to cut another pattern out and also to tune my autoharp! Maybe I’ll get up early in the morning to do it . . .


2 thoughts on “Crash

  1. Dear Linda and Walter! Please make sure Walter gets that sore knee taken care of! Did he hurt himself any where else under those book cases? Know he must be exhausted after graduation weekend and all those extra jobs! Just so he doesn’t keel over sometime and leave you a widow! Love, Mom


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