Trading Daughters

I’m sorry about not posting last night. My computer was busy upgrading to Windows 10. I hope I don’t regret it!

Yesterday my friend Robin came over for a nice cup of tea and a visit before we both get any busier with family holiday activities.

Today my primary priority was getting a few packages ready to mail and actually mailing them. Lucy came with me and then we went to the health food store, where I needed to get some things and drop off a package. Then it was on to Hobby Lobby, where Lucy needed some things and I was delighted to encounter my friend Angela. We had a nice visit while Lucy was shopping.

When Lucy was ready to check out, I headed to the car and as I was walking through the parking lot, a couple and their toddler daughter were heading in toward the store. The adorable little girl looked at me, gave me a huge smile, and told her mother, “That’s a nice lady!” It made my day!

I offered to get Lucy a cup of coffee, but when we saw the line at Starbucks we lost interest in going. Instead I took her to Barron’s in the same shopping center. We used to go to Barron’s all the time, especially near Christmas. I would take each kid out Christmas shopping, and we’d finish by getting tea or hot chocolate and dessert at Barron’s.

Barron’s has changed a lot since then. It is no longer a bookstore, for one thing, and they have built a whole new café which is very upscale and intimidating. There was no sign of the standard treats my kids used to love. Still, there were comfy chairs to sit in, so Lucy got a fancy coffee and I got a cup of Earl Grey tea and we had a nice little break.

Since I never got around to doing the “real” grocery shopping for this week, we got pizza for supper and then I wrapped a bunch of gifts and started a knitting project while the kids made cookies. I have been waiting for this yarn to arrive and expected it almost two weeks ago! I’ve had to drastically scale back my gift knitting plans as a result.

As I believe I’ve mentioned, Janet is spending her Christmas vacation with us. It didn’t work out for her to go see her sister in Canada, and it is too expensive to fly all the way home to Zambia. Meanwhile, as it turns out, this week my daughter Lina is staying with Janet’s family in Zambia for a much needed break in town. So my dear friend Anita is taking care of my daughter in Zambia, and I am taking care of Anita’s daughter here in Texas. I’m sure we both would love to have our own daughters at home, but I am so thankful that Lina is there with Anita. In fact I’m kind of envious, because Anita is a better cook than I am, and I don’t say that lightly!


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