Just Another Manic Monday . . .

I knew today was going to be long before the alarm even went off at 5:55 this morning. I got up and worked on a shopping list because I needed to make something to take to our 4-H meeting this afternoon. By 7:00 I was at Walmart.

I also picked out three fabrics, and when I got home I serged them and washed them and got them in the dryer. One of the things planned for today’s meeting was making pillowcases using the “burrito” method. The pillowcases will be donated to a local women’s shelter.

Meanwhile, I had plenty of other stuff to do, and then I took Jasper to the new dollar store to get stuff for 4-H, only the store was closed today! So we went and picked up Lucy from her friend’s house and then on to another dollar store to get craft supplies, otherwise known as “socks.”

By the time we got home, it was almost lunchtime and I still had to take a shower and sew a sample pillowcase! It is a clever pattern and fun to make. It took me 45 minutes from beginning to end (not including serging, prewashing, and ironing the fabric).

12-15-15 pillowcase

I thought it turned out pretty cute! Just as we were loading the car to go to the meeting, I got a call saying they needed an iron and ironing board, so we loaded that up too.

The meeting was very busy. Some were sewing pillowcases (I made the second one I had fabric for). Some were making adorable snowmen out of socks. Some were signing Christmas cards for local policemen.

Afterwards, Jasper was invited to go to a party, so I brought the ironing board home and then took off again. I am trying to be good about using coupons when I have them, to enable me to get nicer Christmas gifts than I otherwise could. I also stopped at a very crowded Aldi to get dog food.

Parting Shots: I finally uploaded the very few photos I took last week.

12-10-15 Mary, Mom & Lucy

My mom with Mary and Lucy and the little Christmas tree we set up.

12-10-15 Dad & Mom

My parents

12-12-15 Jasper at recital

Jasper playing in the recital on Saturday.


One thought on “Just Another Manic Monday . . .

  1. Good to see a pic of your Mom and Dad they look so happy together. I’m sure she had a wonderful time with your daughters and you visiting them even for a shortt time. I’m glad you showed thempillowcase, I have a pattern and I bought an Air Force kit with fabric for my son -in-law that I Meant to see last year so now I got to get that done. Xo


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