Home Again

Well, I am back in Texas. On Thursday, we did some more decorating at my parents’ house, and Lucy and I went out to buy more decorations and more food. Mary came in the afternoon and helped put up some electric candles.

I went through a bunch of fabric with my mom and a few things came home with me. We made hamburgers and fries for supper, which were a big hit with my mom.

After our early supper, we headed out to a local band’s Christmas concert. It is a bit of a project for my mom to go anywhere with her oxygen, but I think they are getting more used to it. We enjoyed the concert before heading home for some dessert and then singing my mother’s favorite Christmas carol together. After that Mary had to leave to go home and Lucy and I had to pack.

We left at 7:00 on Friday morning, right when we wanted to. I had hoped to arrive in Memphis (the halfway mark) at about noon, but I am such a slowpoke! It didn’t help that for a while I really was not feeling well at all.

We did finally make it to Memphis and stopped for a brief visit with my cousin Mark’s family. Mark was at work, but I got to visit with his wife Teresa and their three sons. And three very beautiful cats!

Then we still had a long way to go. I had a scary amount of caffeine to help me stay awake enough to drive. We had a very slow “fast food” supper in Little Rock before embarking on the last leg of our trip. It was twenty minutes before midnight when we pulled into our driveway after almost seventeen hours on the road. Whew! I am not the kind of person who enjoys such a long drive.

It sure has been good to be back in my own house. I have reveled in having a comfortable chair to sit in and a real bed to sleep in! This morning Jasper and I went to Aldi to stock up on some food items, and this afternoon Lucy and I went with him to his piano recital. He played three songs and did a good job.

I have been starting to catch up on a few things and preparing to play in church tomorrow. I am trying to learn as many Christmas carols as I can.



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