In Tennessee

I would love to write a lengthy account of everything that’s happened in the last few days, but I don’t have time and you probably don’t have the patience to read it all!  Lucy and I left for Tennessee on Sunday morning. Our plan was to drive all the way to my parents’ house in eastern Tennessee. The only problem was that I, being the adventurous soul that I am, decided to try a new route.

It was a gorgeous fall day and a beautiful drive. The only problem was that this new route, while taking us through beautiful Arkansas countryside, did so at alarmingly low speed limits. For most of the day we were limited to 45 or 50 miles an hour!

We did see some hilarious billboards though. Two jewelry stores were competing for customers.

Store #1: Buy a diamond and get a free Benelli shotgun!

Store #2: Buy her a diamond and get a free Browning rifle!

So, apparently, if you are a young man in Arkansas who is planning to get engaged, you pick your jewelry store based on whether you would rather have a shotgun or a rifle!

We finally gave up on the back roads and made our way up to the interstate, but by then we had lost so much time that we gave up on getting all the way to my parents’ and warned Mary and Jordan that they would have house guests. We reached Mary and Jordan’s place in Nashville at about 10:00 that night, after being on the road for 14 hours. Whew!

The next morning we drove to Crossville, stopping in town for lunch and to stock up on some groceries. Since then we have been visiting with my parents. I have done some cooking for them and last night we made a big pot of chili with plenty left over to freeze for the future. I also played Christmas carols and hymns on the autoharp for my mom and will probably do more of that. Today we are hoping to help put up Christmas decorations.


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