Today I slept in a little because I feel like my primary job right now is to get rested up for my trip on Sunday. It was wonderful.

Then Jasper and I went up to Aldi and got as much stuff as we could for the chai party, and also food for the three guys to eat next week while Lucy and I are gone. It’s a little stunning to me how much money I save at Aldi. It makes having to go shopping twice a week a little more bearable.

After lunch it was time to take Lucy and Jasper to a social event that the homeschool group was having. I think they had a good time.

After eating a lot of leftovers this week, I thought I’d make an effort and roast a chicken for supper tonight–but Lucy and I were the only ones here to eat it! It was pretty good though.

We also got some ornaments on the tree at last. I really would like the tree to be decorated before we leave. Lucy and I are going up to Tennessee to help my parents for a few days. My mother has really struggled to recover followed her fall a few weeks ago.


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