I had two burdens lifted today. One was NaNoWriMo. The pressure of keeping up with the word count was really wearing me down, even though I am enjoying the story. Today I “validated” at over 55,000 words and the pressure is OFF. I will still keep writing, but if I skip a day or have a low day I don’t have to beat myself up over it or “make up” for it somehow. I love the way the story is going and I would love to be done with it by the end of the year.

The other thing I felt stressed over was my autoharp lesson. I haven’t had a lesson since the beginning of October, so I really needed one, but I have been far too busy to practice as much as I should. I’ve been practicing quite a bit the last few days, but there’s no way I could fake having practiced regularly for two months!

Still, I was so anxious to get up there and see my teacher Ann and just focus on music for a while. We had yet another rainy day today so it was a long rainy drive to Ann’s house. I ended up having an enjoyable lesson and talk, and what really made me happy is that now when Ann sets out a piece of music and wants us to play together, I often am able to keep up with her–something I couldn’t do in the past. Before leaving for my lesson, I had printed out a booklet of Christmas carols for the autoharp that I had downloaded last year. I remember looking at it and thinking they looked hard. Now they look easy. I tried playing several of them and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s so nice when you have some confirmation that you really are getting better!

I stopped at Aldi on the way home and got milk for $1.19 a gallon and eggs for 99 cents a dozen!


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