Well, today was kind of a let-down, because Mary and Jordan left this morning and it rained all day. I was up at 6:30 and went out in the rain to pick up a few things for breakfast and tomorrow. When I got home, I tried to get Jasper to help me put stuff away, only to find him lying in bed in tears. He had a massive “crick” in his neck and couldn’t move. He was not able to get up and say goodbye to Mary and Jordan, who had breakfast, loaded up their car, and left in the rain.

Then, when they were several hours down the road, they found out that the house guest they were expecting to arrive tonight had been in a car accident in Indiana. She was not hurt, but her car was totaled and she didn’t have transportation. So instead of going home to Nashville, Mary and Jordan drove all the way to southern Indiana, picked the girl up, and then headed to Nashville. That is a lot of driving for one day!

Meanwhile here we got housework done. I worked on autoharp stuff and did some schoolwork and wrote some words. The pressure is off on the writing because I have surpassed the 50,000 word goal for this month. Jasper gradually felt better and by late morning was up to going out to play with his friends.

I also made a run up to Target to buy lights for the tree. Every year I buy a couple of strings so we aren’t left short if one of the old strings bites the dust. I thought I was shopping “early,” but I ended up getting the very last two strands of lights that match the ones we already have.

The tree is up but there is nothing on it.

We are still eating Thanksgiving leftovers, by the way.


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