Thanksgiving Recap

I am writing this entry with the hope that I will be able to post it sometime. Our internet has been so sketchy that I gave up trying to blog the last couple of days. I called our internet provider again on Wednesday, and a technician helped me switch “channels,” which he believed would solve everything, but it didn’t.

Obviously, Wednesday was mostly taken up with preparing for Thanksgiving. I was so grateful to have Mary’s help. She came shopping with me in the morning and we checked out the new gluten-free store here in town. It had some surprising things in it and more variety than any other place in town.

Mary also made a gluten-free pumpkin cheesecake to take to our church social in the evening. Our church as a tradition of getting together for thanksgiving and a pie social the evening before Thanksgiving. Although I love the idea, it does make preparations for Thanksgiving so much more stressful, because in addition to having to make extra pie, I lose two or three hours of preparation time. It was good to spend some time with our church family, though.

One thing that made my day was that as we were leaving the church,  a girl who is visiting her family for Thanksgiving, and is a former student of mine, approached me. She was once one of my most enthusiastic Masterpiece Literary Society members. She proposed that I pick a book that she and I would both read between now and Christmas, and when she comes back for Christmas we will have our own little literary society meal to discuss the book. O happy day! I need to get busy picking a book now . . . .

Mary and Mercy teamed up to make two pies when we got back from church on Wednesday,  and I worked on assembling our breakfast casserole (also gluten free, of course). Thursday morning I was up before everyone else, getting the casserole in the oven. Now that our kids are older and have their own agendas, we rarely have a family breakfast anymore, so it was especially nice to have everyone there around the table, having our traditional breakfast of casserole and oranges.

Then, of course, the cooking marathon began. Jasper helped me make the Swedish Hazelnut Apple Torte (since he had made it for Harvest Festival). I made Brazilian cheese bread for us gluten-free people since I had already made rolls for everyone else. Lucy helped with some things but Mary was my right-hand girl. I don’t know what I would have done without her, since I am still struggling with an upper respiratory infection.

We had made the decision to have our meal much later in the day than normal, so that we would have time to call Lina in the afternoon, but alas, her phone network was down and we were not able to get through.

Late in the afternoon we had our paper airplane races.

11-26-15 airplane throw

I did not have time to make an airplane this year, but I did take a break for a few minutes to go out and call the events and take some photos. This year Jasper won for distance, Walter won for airtime, and Mary won for style.

11-26-15 Airplane winners

We finally sat down to dinner shortly after a 5:00. I had to make some hard choices to keep my blood sugar from going into the stratosphere. It was a good meal! I’m thinking next year maybe I’ll just make the Brazilian cheese bread to go with the meal, since it’s naturally gluten free and it’s also delicious.

Jordan and Jasper teamed up to wash dishes after the meal, and then we assembled in the living room to watch a movie together, something else that rarely happens these days.

It was a tiring but good day, and I even got some words written in between cooking tasks.

11-26-15 Thanksgiving board


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