A Family Outing

For the last two nights I was prevented from posting by lack of internet access. I apologize to those of you who missed the hymn on Sunday.

Yesterday morning Lucy and I made another trip to Aldi’s to stock up on some things. We bought two fresh turkeys and they are currently being brined in a cooler since we don’t have fridge space for them.

Today was the one day we had time for an outing, so we decided to make an excursion to the nearby town of Jefferson, which is one of our favorite destinations. Jordan stayed behind for a while to help Spencer with math, and the rest of us went on ahead. We spent over an hour exploring the big red antiques barn that we always go to. I was looking specifically for blue and white teacups, and I didn’t find a single one!

Lucy found a cat, however.

11-24-15 Lucy with white cat

And Mary found a Lion King Christmas ornament, still in the original box, for only $3. That made her day. She was kind of obsessed with Lion King as a kid.

Jordan arrived in time to go to the park with us for lunch. It was a perfect fall day–cool but not cold, sunny, and just a little breezy. After we ate our picnic lunch, Jordan and Mary tried out the swings.

11-24-15 M&J on swings

The park was full of decorated Christmas trees in preparation for some community event. It was fun to look at them. Each tree was decorated by a different person or organization.


Then we went on to the general store, followed by the fudge store. The kids picked out four different kinds of fudge and we brought them home to share.

Our final stop was the Excelsior House Hotel, where we always go to enjoy their enclosed courtyard and nice clean bathrooms! I took more photos of Mary and Jordan:

11-24-15 M&J in courtyard

I tried to get a lot of pictures of them today, because they have not had very many photos taken of the two of them together this year at all.

It was a beautiful day. Jasper and I had a robotics meeting to go to early this evening, and by the time we got back, Janet was here. She’ll be spending the rest of the week  here since the university students have the time off for Thanksgiving break. Everyone enjoyed the fudge!

Parting Shot:

11-24-15 Group shot

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