Way Out of My Comfort Zone–Twice in One Day

I promise you I actually planned to post last night. The only problem was I had no internet connection for most of the day yesterday and most of the day today. In fact I have no idea when I’ll be able to post this.

Yesterday I had a review class for Geography, and it actually ended up being kind of fun–for me, anyway. I don’t know if my students thought so!

All day yesterday I felt a little under the weather, to the point that when my class ended, I decided to rest instead of taking Jasper to the beekeeping meeting as I had planned. I assumed I must have made some mistake in my diet and went to bed believing that I’d be good as new when I woke up.

This morning when my alarm went off at 5:55, I rolled out of bed, staggered into the kitchen to make tea, and realized that I actually felt worse, so after testing my blood sugar I just went back to bed and slept till after 8:00. My plans for the morning went out the window. It wasn’t till 11:00 that I felt I might be up to the shopping excursion I’d planned for 9:00.

I went back to Aldi’s, this time with a big list of things to get for Thanksgiving. The moment I walked in the door, my heart quailed within me. The place was mobbed with customers, and as I tried to make my way down the first aisle, I was continually jostled, pushed, and overtaken. This is what is known as “introvert hell.” This is why I normally shop early in the morning, even though I hate going out so early. I hate being part of a mob even more.

It was a miserable experience for me. The prices are great, and I know I saved a lot of money, but I was very close to having a meltdown by the time I was sacking my groceries in my reusable Aldi’s bags, which, it turns out, actually can hold more groceries than I can comfortably lift! It’s going to take me a while to recover from that experience. Maybe over time I’ll be able to figure out when the lowest traffic times are and schedule my shopping trips for those times.

This afternoon Jasper had a piano lesson, since we forgot all about it on Wednesday, and his sweet teacher was kind enough to offer to come over and give him a lesson today. We also worked on washing a lot of linens since Mary and Jordan (and Lucy!) are coming tomorrow. At least part of the floor of Jasper’s bedroom is now visible.

This evening, Spencer insisted that I get out of my comfort zone again, this time to get video footage of him and his friends playing at the university’s “accousticafé.” They have been practicing for several weeks for this performance. This was so uncomfortable for me, sitting in a room full of really, really loud college students listening to loud music. It didn’t help that I don’t really understand how my camera’s video function works. I hope I took the video I thought I was taking, but I’m not sure!

Spencer and his buddies did a good job, and I think the audience enjoyed it. My ears were ringing by the time they finished and I could escape. I guess I had this weird idea that maybe the audience would quiet down to listen to the music, but instead the atmosphere was just deafening all the time.

Tomorrow, an early morning excursion to WalMart, assuming I don’t wake up feeling as bad as I did this morning!

I have passed the 35,000 word mark, by the way. It’s easier to get lots of words in when you have no internet.




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