Stop Quitting!

One of the lovely things about living in a medium-sized southern town is that you get to know the people you do business with. Over time, you come to think of them as friends. I felt absolutely bereft when my two favorite postal clerks both retired, for instance. I had been going to them to mail letters and packages for over two decades. They knew all about my family and always asked about Lina and how she was doing in Africa. The new clerks are very nice, and I’m sure I will someday feel about them the way I did about the old ones, but I’m not there yet.


Today I had to run an errand to Hobby Lobby, and as I was leaving the store, my friend Regina was just going in, so we stopped to talk. Regina has been the manager at our local Hancock Fabrics for at least 20 years, and was an employee there before that. “I see they actually let you out of the store,” I said jovially. “Oh no,” she said. “I quit. Last week was my last week, and I’m retired now.”


What??? Regina was the primary reason I loved shopping at Hancock’s. I’m so fond of her I even forgave her for that one time many years ago when she asked when my baby was due and I wasn’t pregnant! She was so excited about Lina going to Africa. She has prayed for her and sent her things and every time I go to the store, we chat about Lina and my other kids. I am so glad I encountered her today, because I would have been so devastated to go to Hancock’s and simply find her gone. As it is, I’ve been in mourning ever since hearing the news.


I don’t know what I’ll do if the tellers at the credit union ever retire. A couple of them have been there for over thirty years!


Today I did actually have time to write and do a few other things like roast a turkey and get ready for my class tomorrow. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week!



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