A Sneak Preview, A Recital, and a Departure

So, I guess another blog entry fell by the wayside. This month, if I only have time to write a thousand words before I pass out, it’s going to be on my NaNo novel, not on my blog.

Yesterday I’m pretty sure stuff happened. I know I did grading and class preparation. I got some words written. I made spaghetti sauce.

Today was a busier-than-usual day. It was the “sneak preview” of the new Aldi’s grocery store before the grand opening on Thursday, and Walter wanted to be there when the doors opened at 9:00. It was pouring rain when we got up, and it continued to pour when it was time for me to pick Walter up from work.

We drove up there in the pouring rain, and I had to keep wiping the inside of the windscreen with a tissue, because it kept fogging up despite running the defogger on high. My husband refused to let us get a cart, and I understand his thinking, because we were there primarily to scope the place out. Like in every other Aldi store, the chocolate is right by the entrance. Walter had brought money specifically to buy chocolate.

After loading up on chocolate, we walked slowly through the store, while I scanned prices and compared them to what I am used to paying at Walmart. Every price that I knew for sure was lower at Aldi’s. Then we rounded a corner and there was the gluten-free section, and they had gluten free French fried onions. I came as close as I’ve ever come to yelling “Hallelujah!” in a public place. I love green bean casserole, and I don’t mind making the mushroom soup from scratch, but making gluten-free French fried onions from scratch is extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming. So I’m pretty excited about Thanksgiving dinner right now.

We made our way through the rest of the store and picked up a few more items before checking out. Walter was enjoying himself so much. Growing up in Germany, he went shopping at Aldi’s with his mom all the time. Now he can shop there in our town and get many of his favorite German goodies. For him, it is a BIG deal.

For my part, I have mixed feelings. I am glad to be able to get the German stuff and get other groceries for less than I’ve been paying. However, this means I now have to shop at two stores instead of one–and Aldi’s is not open early in the morning when I like to shop. On our way out of the store, we each got given a large reusable shopping bag with some goodies inside. It was a fun outing!

A little while after getting back from Aldi’s, it was time to go to Mercy’s voice recital on campus. It was still raining–pouring, in fact, so I had to borrow Jasper’s umbrella. Then I got to the gate and realized I didn’t know the code, so I had to stand there in the downpour and call my husband to get the code. When I finally got the gate open, I got the umbrella stuck in it!

It was a miserable walk to the auditorium, wearing flipflops and slogging through puddles of frigid water. My umbrella blew inside out twice. Then I got there, and I didn’t know where the classroom was, and I was panicking because I knew Mercy was singing first. Thankfully, one of Walter’s cleaning staff was there and able to point me in the right direction, and I slunk into the classroom right as Mercy was about to sing.

She did a great job! She has really blossomed this semester. Apparently, being a straight-A student isn’t enough for her, so she is now a rugby player and is taking voice lessons too! I was so proud of her. She did a great job of singing and projecting her voice. And she sang a song I grew up on–“Just You Wait” from My Fair Lady.

It was a joint voice and piano recital, so I also got to hear Mercy’s roommate play a great piano duet with her teacher, who happens to be my longtime friend Sherrye, and also Lina’s former piano teacher. So after the recital I hung about to visit with Sherrye a little bit and get caught up on her life. It was so good to see her.

Then I had to come home and finish getting ready for my English class. Still raining, by the way. After my class ended, I had a little bit of down time before heading out to my writers meeting, which I always enjoy.

Back at home, Walter very kindly installed my reading lamp in my office space, and put a shelf up for me too. Little by little I am making my area more functional!

At about 10:15 this evening, Spencer, Jasper and I left with Lucy to see her off at the Greyhound Station. Her bus was supposed to leave at 10:40 but didn’t even arrive until 10:55. It pulled away right at 11:00. It should be quite an adventure for her. Her first time traveling by Greyhound, and it’s an overnight trip with two transfers. She is going to visit Mary and Jordan and will come back with them on Saturday when they come for Thanksgiving.

Phew! It’s been a long day, and I haven’t even written any words on my novel!



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