Kids Leaving

This is just a brief update at the end of a long day. My cold seems to be somewhat better, but I still need an inordinate number of naps to make it through the day.

This morning I took Lucy down to the Greyhound station to buy a ticket so she can go visit Mary and Jordan next week. I had tried for over a week to get the ticket online and I ran into so many obstacles that it was easier just to go to the station. This will be her first time to go Greyhound, and it’s an overnight trip, so I hope it goes well.

This afternoon, Jasper got to leave for a 4-H camp. This is his first overnight camp experience. He’ll be back tomorrow afternoon. I’m glad he got a ride and I hope he’s having fun. I miss him so much when he’s gone.

I broke the 22,000 word mark today and hope for a good writing day tomorrow.


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