Geography Day

Today I had to prepare for Geography while feeling under the weather. I drastically curtailed my culinary ambitions. My original plan had been to make both regular (vegetarian) samosas and gluten-free (meat) samosas, but in my weakened condition the very idea seemed laughable. Fortunately, I had been prescient enough to get store-bought naan, so all I had to make was curry, rice, and gluten-free naan. I thought we would just not have dessert, until I remembered that I actually had some Indian pastries from our last trip to an Indian store in Dallas.

The cooking had to be done around the research and preparation for the actual class. I am always looking for interesting information to share with my students.

I made chick pea, cauliflower, and sweet potato curry.

11-12-15 veggie curry

It was delicious and surprisingly sweet, even though I didn’t add any kind of sweetener to it. My gluten-free naan turned out very well and I had to stop myself from eating too much because of course it is terrible for my blood sugar.

We had a great time learning about southeast Asia while we ate our curry. The world is such a beautiful place!

After class, I took Lucy to the other side of town to get some hair products that she needed. Other than that, I’ve mostly been procrastinating on NaNo, though I did get over 1000 words in today. The next three days I’ve got to really boost my word count!

Finally: Happy Happy Birthday to my dad, Dick Moran! I talked to him for about an hour this evening. He said my mom seems to be doing a little better, though she still needs a lot of rest.


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