Here’s a Pretty How’d You Do . . .

I was up early this morning grading and preparing for class. It was a struggle, but I kept going because I had so much to do. Then I got a text from my dad, saying that my mom had fallen and they were in the emergency room getting her evaluated.

That changed my day in a hurry. I kept my phone with me every minute, hoping for an update. Meanwhile, it got to be almost time for my class and I still hadn’t heard back from my dad. I also realized why I had been so exhausted all day yesterday. It was my body trying to tell me I was getting sick.

It was a rough afternoon, even with meds to try and stave off the worst of the cold symptoms. During the break  in the middle of class, I called my dad and found that my mother had returned home with no sign of broken bones. She has painful injuries but should recover. I am so thankful for everyone who saw my post on Facebook and prayed for her.

I spent the evening writing and preparing for Thursday’s Geography class. I’ve passed the 18,000 word mark and am right on schedule! However, I am also sick. Here’s hoping I can fight this thing off in record time.


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