The End is in Sight

Today it was raining when I went to Walmart. It was raining when I came home. It was raining when Walter and Jasper would have gone to work. Since they couldn’t go to work, Walter worked on the living room floor.

At about lunchtime, he had over half the room done, and we had to move the furniture that’s still in there from the “undone” half to the “done” half of the room. The floor looks great! By suppertime there was just about a one-foot-wide strip remaining.

Lucy did all the chai party baking and Mercy helped with the cleaning. I worked on class stuff and wrote another 3000 words. I am now “caught up” to where I should be if I want to hit 50,000 words by the end of the month.

The rain stopped in time for the chai party and the air was cool enough for the fires to be more than just decorative. Maybe this time, fall is here for good.

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