A Rainy Independence Day

The most important thing about today is that it is Zambian Independence Day–51 years! We are delaying our celebration until tomorrow, when it will apparently still be raining. It rained all night, and when I woke up this morning well before dawn I was hot and sweaty. When you are my age, and a woman, you make certain assumptions when you feel hot, and I assumed I was having what my friend Gwen calls a “tropical moment.”

What actually happened was that our air conditioner had stopped. *sigh* At least it is not really hot right now. Jasper and I went to WalMart, and I filled up the car for $2.73 per gallon! Since it continued to rain, there was no outside work today, so Walter and Mercy and Lucy went to work on the living room. They finished painting the trim. Walter got the drapes back up and the newly-painted cornice.

Then they went to work cutting the carpet and padding into strips and rolling it up and hauling it out. Just in case you wondered, 64-year old carpet is pretty nasty. After 64 years, a lot of the nails in the plywood floor had worked their way loose, so Walter had to crawl around on the floor hammering in nail after nail. There also was some sanding and patching that had to be done. Our hope of actually getting started on new floor installation faded away.

We did decide to at least go out after supper (in the rain) and buy the laminate for the floor. Walter had researched it very thoroughly, and knew exactly where to find it in the store. The question was, what shade of fake wood did we want? My personal preference is a dark wood look–something in the neighborhood of walnut. I will never get a floor like that, mind you, because my husband likes very light floors–the lightest possible oak, for instance. The kids, who came with us, voted on a rich-looking maple, and it seemed like a pretty good compromise. It’s a little lighter than I like, but I don’t hate it, and it’s definitely darker than Walter likes, but he doesn’t hate it either.

The only problem with our choice was that they don’t keep it in stock in the store. We had to order it but won’t have it for a few days. So, our Zambian dinner tomorrow is going to be a challenge. Normally we eat outdoors where we have plenty of room and plenty of tables and chairs. Tomorrow, though, we’ll also have plenty of rain. So we will probably come up with some sort of makeshift arrangement on the plywood in the living room. Now I’m kind of glad most of the people we invited aren’t able to come!

After we paid for the flooring, Mercy took us all out for ice cream at the Baskin Robbin’s across the street. We so rarely have outings like that, but she wanted to celebrate all the hard work they got done in the living room today.

So what was I doing while all this work was going on? Well, I had plenty to do. We have a potluck at church tomorrow and are hosting a dinner here in the evening. I cooked and “picked” chicken, cooked quinoa, and made gluten-free brownies. I drove off in search of a couple of ingredients that Walmart didn’t have, and got a new little calendar and a few other odds and ends.

But mostly, what I did was research and plan and put together information for the class I’ll be teaching at the East Texas Christian Writers Conference a week from today. I’ve been collecting bits of information for the last couple of months, but the time has come to create a coherent outline and figure out what I really want to cover in my one hour! I would appreciate prayer this week as I work to prepare. I want to present a really great and informative class.



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