A Torte, Two Haircuts, and Painting

The next 11 days are going to be pretty wild, and I’m already starting to panic. This morning after doing some school work first thing, I got Jasper going on making the “trial” version of his apple-themed Harvest Festival entry. When I heard the theme was apples this year, I thought it would be the perfect time to bring back what used to be my husband’s favorite dessert back in the day–a Swedish recipe for apple torte.

I had bought the hazelnuts yesterday so we had all the ingredients. The “crust” of this torte is more like cake or a soft cookie, not like a pie crust. The filling is apples, obviously, and they are topped with a topping of chopped hazelnuts, sugar, lemon juice, and butter. I was pretty excited to be making it for the first time in over 20 years. Jasper peeled and chopped all the apples, and I made the crust and topping. (Tomorrow he will have to do it all himself, but I wanted to “test” the recipe today.)

While the torte was in the oven, I trimmed Flynn’s hair at his request, and then did Jasper’s too since he really needed it. The torte came out looking fabulous:

10-20-15 Swedish Apple Torte

By then it was lunchtime, and again we ate out on the patio. After lunch, I had my class out on the patio while Flynn, Mercy, Spencer and Lucy all went out for some sibling time. (Jasper had made other plans and was devastated when he learned that he’d missed the outing.)

While I was teaching Walter started painting in the living room, after having primed all the dark spots last night. Mercy and Lucy eventually joined him. The room looks so much brighter! The old paint, though probably a similar off-white originally, had become so dark and dingy over the decades that the new paint seems almost blindingly white by comparison. It will be such an encouragement to have that room looking so much better when we’re done.

I heated up some ground nut stew so Flynn could have an early supper before heading to Dallas to catch his flight. He also got the first taste of the torte and he really loved it! Walter and Mercy delayed going to work so they could stay to say goodbye to Flynn. I took some photos:

10-20-15 Flynn

10-20-15 Jasper and Flynn

10-20-15 Lucy and Flynn

10-20-15 5 kids together

And then he was gone. It is hard to say goodbye but at least we know we’ll see him for Christmas. We had our supper out on the patio and then Walter and Mercy went to work. I had more than enough to keep me busy. Everybody loved the apple torte–except the one person I thought would love it the most! Oh well–tomorrow’s effort will be going to the Harvest Festival anyway.

I forgot to mention that Jasper also did some painting first thing this morning:

10-20-15 treehouse painted

Now the treehouse has a couple coats of paint and the paint has been used up. I am sure we will need more, but right now he is very happy with the bright cheery look of the white. There is much more to come, from what I’ve heard.

This evening Walter and the girls got more painting done in the living room. This means that we are that much closer to being able to start on the floor . . .

Tomorrow Jasper has to make a whole new torte by himself, take a photo, get it printed and framed, frame the artwork he did today, and get it all over to the Harvest Festival! And guess who’s got to make sure it all gets done?

Parting Shot:

10-20-15 5 silly kids



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