You May Now Rejoice

Yesterday began with church, of course. I did pretty well playing except a couple of times when the glare on my page obscured the chord I was supposed to play and I guessed wrong!

Walter continued working on spackling in the living room and I made a massive batch of white chili for supper. Lucy made a fabulous 3-layer cake for dessert, and I took photos of it, but they disappeared.

This weekend is Fall Break at the university (including today and tomorrow) but two of our three “adopted” students have stayed in town so they came over for dinner as usual. Because the living room is out of commission, and the dining room is full of sofas, we ate out on the patio. It was a deliciously cool evening and that is a pleasant change around here.

After the meal, the others played a board game on the patio and had a great time. I was texting back and forth with Flynn because he was in Dallas for the weekend and we were very eager for him to arrive here last night.

I had to stay up pretty late, but he finally arrived after midnight and there was much rejoicing. He was sporting new glasses and a new hair color!

This morning he slept in while I worked on class preparation. It seemed like half the neighborhood came over to check out Jasper’s treehouse. He ate lunch up there, of course.

After lunch, Flynn and Walter went out to deal with some paperwork that required Flynn’s presence, and then Lucy and I ran an errand of our own while Flynn went to visit a friend. We are getting down to the wire on Harvest Festival stuff. Jasper does not have a single one of his three entries done!

He did do some painting, though. He wanted to paint his treehouse, so I asked Walter if he had any exterior paint lying around his workshop. He found some old white paint, but getting it open damaged the can, so Jasper had to paint right away and use as much paint as he could. He painted the floor but had plenty of paint left. At supper time he wanted to put a second coat on the floor even though it was dark. He wore a headlamp and went back to work, and when he still had more paint he painted the horizontal support timbers also. I have a feeling that by the time he is tired of painting, this will be a colorful treehouse.

I know you want photos of the treehouse. I took some, but they also disappeared. Now I have no record of it before it was painted, and I’m a little frustrated about it. I don’t know what is causing my camera to act up like this.

I made Flynn’s favorite dinner–ground nut stew with all the toppings. I had it without the rice so I could have the toppings without spiking my blood sugar too much. It is one of my favorite meals too!

After dinner Flynn and Spencer and Spencer’s friend Adam went to Spencer’s room to build Spencer’s computer. Spencer has been acquiring the parts piece by piece since the beginning of the summer! Flynn picked up the last thing for him in Dallas this weekend, so finally Spencer had all the pieces and the expert in the same room together. I’m glad he will finally have a good computer to use for school.

Parting Shot:

10-19-15 building a computer


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