A Floor to Stand On

Silly me. The hope I expressed last night has already been dashed. We couldn’t paint today because there it too much “fixing” that has to happen to the living room first. So we got more stuff out, but that was about all we could do because Walter and the boys were working most of the day on their yard jobs.

When they got back, Walter and Jasper went right back to work on the treehouse. By early evening, they had the joists up:

10-16-15 treehouse joists

Not long after that, the floor was finally installed, but by then it was too dark to get a good picture. Jasper was so excited that he ate his supper up there! It still needs walls and a ladder, but for now he can get up there on our ladder. He wanted to sleep up there, but I told him there would definitely NOT be any sleeping up there until there are walls!

Our house guest left today also. One of Spencer’s friends spent the last couple of nights with us due to a difficult situation at home. Today he left on a trip and we are hoping he will be able to go back home when he returns.

Mercy had another rugby game today. She was playing on an injured knee, and her team lost, but at least she didn’t get any new injuries. This weekend is Fall Break at the university, so she will be staying with friends in Dallas until Monday night.

I had a few moments of panic this afternoon when I got out my autoharp to practice tomorrow’s hymns. The new hymn I had chorded the other night had disappeared from my computer files, and I hadn’t printed it out. I must not have saved it, and when my computer restarted itself without warning, I lost it. A year ago, there would have been tears. This time, I just sighed a little and went to work re-doing what I had done before. I’m all ready for tomorrow now.


3 thoughts on “A Floor to Stand On

    • My husband never does anything halfway! I asked him to make a cat carrier once. It weighed a ton and probably would have protected the cats in a tornado.


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