Moving Right Along

I failed to get a photo of the treehouse this afternoon, but I will try again in the morning. The frame is up and the platform will be next.

We moved more stuff out of the living room in preparation for painting it. Walter removed the 64 year old cornice over the huge window and stripped it of its cloth coating. I plan to paint it before putting it back up so it will be easier to clean.

We have our 2 big sofas in the dining room, the loveseat in the entryway, and a chair in Jasper’s room. The house is an obstacle course! We are hoping to get the painting done tomorrow before we rip up the carpet (also 64 years old and full of holes). We will be putting down some form of cheap hard flooring. Carpet is not practical as long as we have three cats in the house.

There was a break in the action this afternoon when I took Lucy and Jasper to our homeschool group’s teen gathering. Then I picked them up, along with a couple of other girls, dropped Jasper off to get back to work on the treehouse, and then drove the girls out to their home in the country. It was a beautiful drive!

The kids ate supper sitting on a picnic blanket in the living room. I really hope we’ll be able to get this project done quickly so we can put everything back where it belongs.




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