How Far Would You Go?

This morning I was glad Lucy had a ride to her classes, because I had a mission to complete. For geography tomorrow, we are making a dessert that requires chocolate sprinkles. If I was a less enlightened person, I would simply have picked up some chocolate sprinkles at Walmart on Saturday when I did my shopping. Instead, I shunned the sprinkles in Walmart and waited patiently for this morning, which was the only time slot available for me to drive 44 miles in search of chocolate sprinkles.

Lest you think this is ridiculous, I should tell you that we used to have to go all the way to Dallas (over 100 miles) to get sprinkles. It was a happy day in this household when a World Market opened only 44 miles away!

So off I set in the still-cool air, dreading the heat that was to come (it’s still in the 90s here). I reached World Market without incident and made a beeline for the chocolate sprinkles of happiness.

10-14-15 Dutch chocolate sprinkles

I say this even though I don’t get goodies like this anymore. But friends don’t let friends eat substandard sprinkles, right? So what is so great about these particular Dutch chocolate sprinkles? Well, it’s kind of a big deal. The great thing about them is that they actually taste like chocolate, unlike any USA made sprinkles I have ever tried.

If you have ever had breakfast in the Netherlands, you know I speak truth. If you have never tried these sprinkles, I advise against it, because once you do, there’s no going back. You should most definitely NOT ever try sprinkling them generously on a slice of hot toast that’s been spread with peanut butter. Or on ice cream. Just forget I even mentioned it.

In other news, today was another all-day digging day for the treehouse project. Walter and Jasper thought they were ready to set the posts, but then discovered that two of the post holes were not quite where they needed to be. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow?


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