A Night to Remember

Thank goodness I wasn’t quite so fatigued today, because it was a long day during which I actually had to do stuff.

I spent the morning preparing for my English class while Walter and Jasper were outside digging holes. Walter is not willing for the treehouse to actually be attached to a tree, which means digging deep holes for the posts that will hold it up. Because the chosen site is among the trees, however, they have been running into tree roots, not to mention rocks and hardened clay. This is turning into a much bigger project than I originally expected!

I was teaching from 2:00 – 5:00, and then about ten minutes after my students left, Lucy and I took off for Quitman, which is where my autoharp teacher lives. She and her husband have been hosting autoharp great Bryan Bowers, and he agreed to give a concert at the Quitman library tonight as a favor to them. I really wanted Lucy to come and hear him in person, because he really is an amazing performer. (He was one of my teachers at the Mountain View autoharp workshop back in June.)

It is an hour and a half drive, but a beautiful one. It’s a little less lovely in late afternoon/early evening, because you’re trying to drive with the sun shining right into your eyes!

The library has a nice little meeting room, and we got there in plenty of time. I was able to introduce Lucy to my teacher Ann. Bryan complimented Lucy on her colorful hair! I had known that Lucy would probably be the youngest member of the audience–and she was, probably by a good three decades! But she enjoyed it as I knew she would. There is something so special about watching and hearing someone who is a true master of his craft. And, if you’re familiar with Bryan’s work, you know that he is a top-notch storyteller and poet in addition to being a musician.

It was a wonderful and inspiring way to spend the evening, even knowing we still had a ninety-minute drive home afterwards. At least there was no sunshine in my eyes–just headlights, which were almost as disconcerting.


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