Exhaustion, Frustration, Elation

Today was the first day of my husband’s “work-cation.” He is taking the week off from his day job to do some jobs around the house. The first thing on my list was a treehouse. Back in April, when Jasper had his birthday, we promised him a treehouse as a present. Unfortunately, shortly after that I had emergency surgery and then one thing after another happened until the summer was far spent. Then it seemed prudent to wait for cooler weather.

Well, the weather isn’t exactly much “cooler,” but since Walter is taking the week off it seemed like the time had come. It turned out there was a considerable gap between my concept of a treehouse and my husband’s. My husband doesn’t do anything in a makeshift way. By the time he had explained how it must be done, if it was to be done at all, the cost had tripled. Jasper volunteered his savings, and I scrounged funds from other projects in order to make it possible, because he has wanted a treehouse for so long and I had promised he would get one.

By late morning, my husband had his material list made and the three of us set off for Lowe’s in the van, with the trailer in tow. I was so tired. I got up at my usual early hour, but I just couldn’t seem to perk up. I can only assume that days like this are to blame on my autoimmune issues, but that doesn’t make them any more pleasant.

It took a long time to track down and get all the lumber and other supplies in Lowe’s, and by then my back and feet were aching, even though I didn’t do any of the lifting. After getting home, Jasper and I just had time to eat lunch before heading out to the 4-H meeting. I was so fatigued and all I wanted to do was take a nap.

The guest speaker was a lady from the zoo. She had brought some of her friends. To my disappointment, all of her “friends” were insects except the last one, which was a very cute hedgehog. However, the lady made it all sound so exciting and awesome, and the kids loved it!

My fatigue was so extreme that I actually considered just lying down on the floor. It was bad. Then I got a text from my husband asking me to stop on the way home and pick up some wasp spray, as he had discovered a yellow jacket nest in the yard. What he didn’t mention is that he had “discovered” it by getting stung–twice. (He is allergic to yellow jacket stings.)

I dragged myself through the drugstore and got the spray before driving home, to find that my husband had been stung on the arm and on his head behind his ear. He was and is in a lot of pain, but antihistamines have kept the swelling down.

He still had to go off and work his night job, and I had to turn my attention to another problem despite my tiredness. For years now, I have spent an hour every Monday evening taking part in an online chat hosted by my friend Donita. Several months ago, I had to switch browsers because Chrome wouldn’t let me get on the chat anymore. Then, sometime this summer I stopped being able to access it via Internet Explorer also. I was so frustrated!

So today I took the step of downloading yet another browser (Safari) which had the audacity to tell me that I couldn’t connect to the chat because I didn’t have Java. Well, I knew I had Java, but just to see what happened, I downloaded it again. And again. The webmaster was online with me and trying to help me too. When the chat was half over, I tried Internet Explorer again after being rebuffed by Safari for the umpteenth time. Miracle of miracles, I got in! I think one of those installs must have actually done something!

I felt so delighted and triumphant to finally be back in my normal spot on Monday nights. However, I am still exhausted. I really hope I wake up with more energy tomorrow, because I have a class to teach and a concert to attend. This has been one of the most exhausting days I’ve ever had, and I really didn’t do anything!


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