O Happy Day!

I have been saving up for a while to replace our atlas, which is wonderful, but over 20 years old, and as I’m sure you realize, the world has changed a lot in the last 20 years. I especially wanted an up-to-date atlas for this year’s geography class.

Well, today it arrived:

10-9-15 Atlas

I am so thrilled! Can’t wait to spend some quality time checking it out!

This evening has been a little weird because I’ve been alone for most of it. Lucy left for a weekend retreat this afternoon. Jasper is spending the night camping out in a neighbor’s yard. Spencer was out with Kat, and my husband was working an extra job. So, I practiced my autoharp and worked on some chording, did some critiquing, worked on geography, and did some planning. I just could have used a few more hours!


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